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All services in one place - order waste collection to Interzero

Quick collection, attractive prices and favourable offer for additional services - Interzero provides several steps to optimize the system and implement solutions which contribute to more effective recovery of raw materials and more efficient cost savings in your company - it is all available thanks to the comprehensive offer for environmental services in 1 place.


  • Collection of packaging waste: cardboard, plastics, glass, metals, wood;
  • Collection of food waste: BIO and CAT 3;
  • Collection of industrial waste, including hazardous waste: tires, oils, metals, plastics;
  • Collection of industrial waste II: sludge, solvents, outdated construction chemicals (loose and dry), slags and ashes;
  • Collection of by-products: animal origin.

The best results of waste management optimization in your company may be obtained by combining waste collection through Interzero with our innovative platform for online waste management.

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