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Use the dedicated online system for waste management in your company

Integrate processes and make your actions more efficient. In the case of big network entities, the perfect solution for waste management in your company is a dedicated online system which enables the integration and consolidation of environmental processes and documents in each branch office of the company.

Each environmental system developed by Interzero is personalized and customized to the individual needs of each company. Processes in your company do not have to be adjusted to the system as the system is fully customized to the processes in your company. It provides outsourcing of environmental actions outside your company, which enables you to focus on your main activity.

The Interzero Waste platform is

  • professional tool integrated with BDO system allowing for automatic registration of waste 
  • an innovative environmental platform enabling waste management and environmental documentation,
  • recovery logistics in one centralized place,
  • prefect tools for smaller, local companies and big trading and production networks.

Simple, quick and comfortable waste management in your company

Just click to request waste disposal! Check what else you can gain:

  • The platform is available in any language.
  • It enables planning waste disposal in advance and controlling the effective flow of waste and resources.
  • It enables finding differences between branch offices and monitoring their productivity in the scope of waste management.
  • Just click to send a request for waste disposal - the system automatically informs the recipient of waste about the pending order.
  • The platform registers all requests and enables assessing the quality and level of service for a specified facility.
  • Interzero supervises the timely implementation of waste collection and measures your results.
  • The platform enables comfortable storage and reliable arrangement of documents.

It is not all - the system is constructed in such a manner that will enable you to introduce modifications according to the individual needs of your company!

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