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Modern machines composting biowaste

OKLIN brand is a new on Polish market.The offered solutions in the form of composting machines are dedicated to companies with bio-waste in all quantities. 

There are 3 reasons, why to use OKLIN composting machines?

  1. reducing the costs of bio-waste management
  2. reducing by up to 90% of the weight and volume of food waste , in just 24 hours
  3. effective, fast and almost odorless composting

A small composting machine for food waste

Oklin GG-02 is an ideal solution for places where small amounts of food waste are produced, during a day - approximately 4-5 kg max!

This model has been designed for: Municipalities, but also works well in:

  • Offices
  • Cafes
  • At small catering outlets

The best effects of waste management optimalization in your company you get by combining waste collection via Interzero with our innovative online waste management platform

 Costs reduction is not everything! What else distinguishes the OKLIN's machines?

  • up to 90% reduction of the weight and volume of the waste
  • 24h composting time
  • 2 tons per year 

as well as:

  • innovative composting technology
  • long service ling
  • technical customer servie

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