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Plastics recycling: replacing raw materials with made-to-measure compounds

High-quality recyclable plastics to customer specifications: Interzero’s award-winning “Recycled-Resource” process closes the waste plastic loop – conserving valuable resources and protecting the environment. 

Experts for closed-loop resource recycling: our innovative Recycled-Resource process has perfected the compounding of waste plastics. At our plastic reprocessing plants – in Eisenhüttenstadt in Brandenburg, for example – we use waste packaging and production scrap to manufacture new, market-quality recycled plastic materials. 

Additionally, we combine our research and development activities in the field of plastics recycling in our new centre of competence in Maribor, Slovenia.

Recythen and Procyclen – two strong recycled plastics

We source the raw materials for our two recycled plastic products from domestic-quality waste collection, which mostly consists of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) packaging. Our granulate, Recythen, can be used for manufacturing products such as cable reels, garden furniture, drainage pipes and cable conduits.  

Procyclen is an award-winning, customisable “recompound”. By altering its formulation, Procyclen can be matched to customers’ exact requirements in terms of fluidity, stability, UV/thermal resistance and colouration. Just like a new, petroleum-based raw material, Procyclen is able to meet the same kinds of rigorous requirements for new products or packaging, and can also be used in injection moulding or extrusion processes.

Manufacturers using Recythen or Procyclen in their plastics products can apply for the “Blue Angel” eco-label – and thus acquire a key differentiator. 

Customer benefits from Recycled Resource:

  • Certyfikowana, powtarzalna jakość materiałów

  • Dokładna dokumentacja wszystkich danych dotyczących materiałów

  • Upcycling i pełna zgodność z przepisami REACH

  • Wsparcie techniczne produkcji

  • Planowanie bezpieczeństwa i bezpieczeństwo dostaw

  • Skuteczny wkład w zachowanie zasobów i ochronę środowiska

  • Certified, reproducible material quality

  • Exact documentation of all material data

  • Upcycling and full compliance with the REACH Regulation

  • Technical support for production

  • Planning security and security of supply

  • An effective contribution to conserving resources and the environment

Saving the environment with Recythen and Procyclen 

With recycled plastics from Interzero, you help conserve resources while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions: as shown in a study published by Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, Procyclen and Recythen improve your environmental footprint.* 

If Recythen is used instead of primary plastic made from crude oil, 811.2 kg of greenhouse gases are saved per tonne – a 50 per cent reduction in climate-damaging emissions. Consumption of primary energy also falls by 12,626 kilowatt hours per tonne – equivalent to 22,151 loads of laundry.**

If Procyclen is used, 493.5 kg of greenhouse gases are saved per tonne (around 30 percent***) and primary energy savings are 10,488 kWh – around 18,400 loads of laundry. 

* A recent study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT compared the production of primary granulates from crude oil with that of Recythen and Procyclen from recycled materials with respect to their primary energy usage and greenhouse gas balance. The calculation is based on the life cycle assessment environmental management standards IS0 14040 and 14044. The technologies compared reflected the latest state of the art. All results relate to a tonne of granulate.
** Assuming a consumption of 0.19 kWh per wash. This corresponds to energy efficiency class "A".
*** The slightly lower savings with Procyclen are a result of further processing and transport steps and the additional materials used.

Increasingly eco-efficient and cost-effective

Impressive figures – and we are working hard on further improvements to these positive environmental effects: with the latest generation of Procyclen, greenhouse gas savings can now be as high as 50 per cent, since manufacturing now takes place in just a single process step and also requires less energy. This conserves resources and makes the process even more cost-effective. 

Award-winning performance

Interzero’s plastics recycling has not only attracted an impressive and steadily growing number of manufacturers and dealers: our Recycled-Resource process and our Procyclen recycled plastic are already multiple award winners.

  • More

    GreenTec Awards 2013

    • Nominated in the “Recycling” category


    • Award winner for Recycled-Resource and Procyclen in the “Services” category (as part of the “SME Initiative”)

    EPRO Best Recycled Plastic Product 2012

    • “Best Recycled End Consumer Product” award for Ecolife from Curver, a product range that is manufactured entirely from Procyclen 

    BHB Customer Service Prize 2012

    • Special sustainability prize awarded to the company for developing the Recycled-Resource process

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