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Do your introduce packaging to foreign markets? 

Introduction and trade of packaging to European markets is related to the need to learn recovery and recycling systems in each country. Dozens of legal acts in force in the European Union make the orientation in the regulations difficult, whereas action against the law may cause the imposition of high money fines on your company.

We are present in 7 EU countries

We will introduce you to the details of legal regulation of all countries in the European Community Interzero has long-term, international experience in the trade of packaging and packaging waste. Environmental specialists, lawyers and consultants of Interzero will implement environmental regulations of foreign markets in your company in a fast, safe and effective manner. We provide professional consultancy and implementation services in the scope of environmental protection in 7 EU.

Check whether we can help you: We offer you services which will make your activity on the European markets easier

For companies with branch offices in various countries, exporters, importers and distributors, we have prepared:

1. Review of legislation for a selected country

This material contain a short set of information which is indispensable for your company, including:

  • references to adequate and current legal regulations;
  • description of supervisory institutions and potential penalties;
  • criteria which must be taken into account;
  • suggestions with regard to joining programmes of compliance with standards;
  • minimal limits for recycling in a selected country.

2. Packaging licensing

It is a service available for 28 countries in the European Union. Its objective is packaging trade in compliance with the regulations of a selected country, i.e.:

  • introducing packages to the market;
  • entering packaging in the recovery and recycling system;
  • reporting (quantity, material composition, sales path) of packaging to proper governmental authorities on your behalf.

3. Individual consultancy for companies

This service is fully adjusted to your company’s needs and requirements. In the following 3 steps, we help you assess the company’s situation on a selected market:

  • we analyse the client’s sales and present available business cases in a detailed and transparent manner;
  • we present a description of the legal systems and regulations in a given country and the criteria for fulfilling the obligation;
  • we assess the risk related to the non-fulfilment of standards

All services in packaging recovery and recycling in EU countries in one place, at Interzero.

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