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Do you introduce products packaging to the Polish market?

Subject to the Act of 13th June 2013 on the Management of Packaging and Packaging Waste, entrepreneurs who introduce goods in packaging and packaging to the Polish market are subject to specified legal obligations defined in the Act.

Entities that introduce goods in packaging, as well as packaging producers are subject to the following two major requirements:

  1. recovery and recycle of marketed packaging
  2. implementation of educational campaigns regarding the processing of such waste.

Three ways to fulfil your obligations:

1. Individually, by recovering and recycling packaging waste.


The minus of such a solution is the necessity to employ a dedicated person to control the dynamically changing legal regulations on environmental protection.


2. By paying the product fee in the Marshal Office.


At the first “glance”, the solution may seem comfortable but, as a matter of fact, it is very costly - the marshal fees may exceed the cost of individual packaging recycling.


Considering the fact that both of the abovementioned solutions are troublesome and costly (they require the knowledge of numerous regulations, organization of own collection and segregation system and payment of high fees in the Office), the best solution for the majority of entrepreneurs is option no. 3:


3. Fulfilment of the recycling obligation via professional organization of packaging recovery.


Thanks to the services of such companies as Interzero, the statutory obligation is taken over from the entrepreneurs.

Why is it worth transferring recycling activities to Interzero?

Check the advantages for your business:

  • money savings - you do not need to pay the high product fee in the Marshal Office;
  • you do not need to organize public educational campaigns - we do it for you, more to the point, we help you build a positive and ecological image of your company; we support local communities on your behalf;
  • we help you regulate potential reporting arrears with regard to the Marshal Office;
  • we enable you to fulfil legal obligations in an easy, pleasant and beneficial manner;
  • you optimize the waste management in your company and reduce its costs by transferring all actions to one external company - a specialist in natural environmental protection;
  • you gain peace and save time - you do not need to keep up with dynamic changes in the European legislation - we do it for you;
  • you gain confidence that your actions are not only empty bureaucracy - you are sure that packaging was actually recovered under the highest standards and you truly protect the environment! Each year you receive from us a confirmation of the fulfilment of obligations and educational campaigns implemented on your behalf.


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