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Do your use or manufacture product packaging? Check your obligation in the scope of public education

The obligation to conduct educational campaigns is one of the legal requirements imposed on entities which introduce packaging and products in packaging (the Act of 13th June 2013 on the Management of Packaging and Packaging Waste).Educational campaigns are obligatory for all entrepreneurs, including those that introduce less than 1 tonne or are released from the obligation to pay the product fee.

The term "educational campaign" denotes every action aimed at:

  • increasing the level of ecological awareness in the society;
  • proper treatment of packaging waste;- providing information about the influence of packaging waste on the environment and human health;
  • providing information about the systems of return, collection, recovery and recycling of product packaging.

What can you do to fulfil obligation in the scope of public education?

1. Individually - the entrepreneur may choose the type of campaign he wants to conduct, however, at least 2% of the net value of packaging introduced to the market in the previous calendar year must be devoted to the organization of such a campaign.

He also must prepare a report to document all incurred expenses and submit it to the Voivodeship Marshal.

2.Through NFOŚiGW - by paying the amount of at least 2% of the net value of packaging introduced to the market in the previous calendar year directly on the specified account of the National Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund (NFOŚiGW).

3. By cooperating with a packaging recovery organization - this solution may be applied by every entity that introduces goods in packaging to the domestic market, regardless of the manner in which it settles the product fee.

Such an organization may conduct campaigns on behalf of its clients (for whom it settles the product fee), as well as entrepreneurs that individually submit the OŚ-OP1 report and entrepreneurs that introduce the total amount of less than 1 tonne of packaging and are obliged to submit the report to the Voivodeship Marshal.

We will help fulfil legal regulations and you’ll even earn money on it

A smart solution which translates formal requirements into real profit for your company Interzero helps companies conduct marketing events and actions, combining environmental obligation with the communication needs of your company.

  • We convince that ecological education does not have to be boring.
  • We prove that it does not have to be a dispensable, “formal” expenditure.
  • We make education become a strong point and a competitive advantage of your company.

It contributes to the favourable image of your company - a modern, responsible and trustworthy entity. This is exactly the reason why, within the environmental protection education, we offer:

  • confidence that the statutory obligation to conduct public educational campaign will be properly fulfilled and settled;
  • participation in ecological educational campaign and permanent actions of Interzero;
  • tailor-made ideas - educational projects proposed by Interzero enable fulfilling statutory obligations, as well as  objectives in the scope of social business responsibility - by choosing the scale and form of client’s presence;
  • annual report and certificate - confirmation that public educational campaign were co-created and implemented by your company.

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